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Camden Underworld, London

The Underworld Camden

Interview - AntiHero Magazine - Mark Dean - October 30, 2019

Hot Press Magazine - Live Report

Thin Lizzy/Phil Lynott Stamps GPO Dublin

Raismes Fest 2019 Review

Before their gig at the 7er Club in Mannheim, Brian Downey's ALIVE AND DANGEROUS came by for a short interview with Langen at the rock station.


Music Theater Piano Dortmund - 07.02.2019

Brian Downey's alive and dangerous delivered a blast of a concert in frederikshavn

Interview - Metal Express Radio

The Underworld Camden

By The independent Voice Enzine

Live at the Cathouse Rock Club - Glasgow

Ross Muir - FabricationsHQ

Brian Downey's. Still very much ALIVE and just as DANGEROUS in Bilston!!

Posted by ROX on September 30 2018

Ross Muir: Muirsical Conversation with Brian Downey

September 2018

At the Queen Victoria, South Shields (UK) 25th September 2018

Interview: Oxford Mail

The Mouth Magazine - Interview

MG Boulter

Sweden Rock Festival 2018 Photo Gallery

By Diane Webb


Sweden Rock Festival 2018

Radio interview BSR 103.4FM. 

Writer and photographer M.Godding

Written by Jim Rowland

Live reviews

Interview with Brian Downey

London show report

Rock at Night London

Live at Nells Jazz & Blues

Q&A with Brian Downey by Bluesdoodles

Alive And Dangerous paying homage to Lizzy’s legacy back in London Town.

Nell's Jazz & Blues by Screaming guitars.

Location: Nuremberg - The Cult 

Photographer: Karl-Friedrich Wild

ALIVE AND DANGEROUS - Nachtleben Frankfurt, Germany

Gig Review: Brian Downey’s ALIVE AND DANGEROUS (Nachtleben, Frankfurt, 17/10/17) Gig Review: Matt Andersen (Jungle, Cologne – 15/10/17)

The live report and photos from Le Forum de Vauréal 14/10/17, the live report by Phil93.Rock Meeting.

Le Forum de Vaueral, France by Phil93.

La Legion Underground webzine

Review from Le Forum de Vaueral, France

Irish Metal Archive

Gig review from Crane Lane in Cork 2017

Le Forum de Vaurel, France

Review and Photos from Le Forum de Vaurel, Fance


Brian Downey interviewed with Alex Werkmeister from My Rock world in Sweden.

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